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As Drum & Bass gains more notoriety and becomes even more popular in the United States we wanted to take a moment to shine light on some of the producers (In no particular order) that are repping DNB while waving the American Flag! Generally overlooked by promoters, party goers and the general public, the United States has quietly and quickly produced an excess of talented artists from coast to coast that the world definitely needs to know about. In fact, there are so many amazing artists that deserve to be recognized we decided to make this part one and will be back soon with another talented group of US DNB producers. Check out all the talented producers and make sure to Like, Follow, Subscribe and add them all to your playlists.

Adred performing


  • Real Name: Adam Baker
  • Location: NYC
  • Affiliations: Metalheadz | Soul:R | C.I.A | 31 Records | Natural Selection NYC

The co founder of Natural Selection NYC and the man behind the first release of the decade on Metalheadz is New York based producer Adred. With countless releases on some of the genres biggest labels including Soul:R, C.I.A. and 31 Records, Adred has built a loyal following and continues to receive praise from the genres best acts.
His recent LP “KIM” just dropped to critical acclaim and has been topping the charts ever since. The 16 track LP features selections covering a broad range of tastes and features the likes of Commix, MC DRS, Robert Manos, Jamal and Dave Owen.



  • Real Name: Ian Sheldon
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Affiliations: Liquicity

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Ian S aka Boxplot has been cranking out melodic dance floor bangers for the likes of Liquicity and has quickly climbed the ranks of the USDNB scene. With his ‘Alice’ EP on Liquicity receiving critical acclaim, Boxplot continues to showcase why he is one of Americas top producers and we can honestly say that he has a truly bright future ahead of him.

The Burner Brothers


  • Members: CT Burners & DJ Seen
  • Location: NYC
  • Affiliations: Patrol The Skies Music | Technique Recordings | Formation Records

The Burner Brothers is a name synonymous with drum and bass culture in the United States of America. Now comprised of founding members DJ Seen and CT Burners, the New York City based duo have already accomplished a tremendous amount during their career. Since their debut on the legendary Rawkus/Rawkuts imprint in 1999, they went on to release records for Jungle Sky, Subsonik Sound, and their own imprint Patrol The Skies. Their repertoire also includes international releases on Technique Recordings (UK), Formation (UK), Flex (UK), Nemesis (UK), Magic Vinyl (DE), and Steppasoundz (DE).

Chorux performing


  • Real Name: Alex Page
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Affiliations: RSTLSSNSS | Warm Communications

San Diego native Alex Page aka Chorux is a name that many may not know but he is someone that can’t be left off this list! With releases on RSTLSSNSS and Warm Communications, Chorux’s music is influenced by artists like Break, DLR, Xtrah and more which can be heard through his perfectly crafted music. After an impressive debut on Warm Communications, this fresh face and up and coming producer firmly planted his flag in the world of DNB and will be around for years to come.



  • Real Name: Justin Hellier
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Affiliations: Liquicity | Hospital Records | Monstercat | UKF

Starting in 2011, US based producer Flite has steadily gained international momentum. With releases on Hospital Records, Liquicity Records, Monstercat, and releases promoted by some of the biggest DNB promoters such as UKF Drum & Bass, Liquicity, Suicidesheep and more, Flite’s music has spanned the internet with his diverse drum & bass compositions.

United By Bass Recordings artist Klippee


  • Real Name: Chase Transeth
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Affiliations: Lifestyle Music | Play Me Records | Shadowtrix Music

We don’t know what it is about the Pacific Northwest but Seattle, WA in particular has produced some of Americas best Artists and it has done it once again. Klippee is quickly becoming a household name amongst DJs around the world especially after his recent release on Critical Musics ‘Binary Music Vol. 19’. The three track EP has been charting since it’s release and has cemented Kilppees place in the international scene going forward.

Pish Posh


  • Real Name: Keef DeStefano
  • Location: NY
  • Affiliations: Rawkus | Formation Rec | Patrol The Skies

For over two Decades Pish Posh born Keef DeStefano has been a front runner in the US Drum N Bass scene. Hailing from NYC His productions cross a wide range of styles, Neurofunk, TechStep, Jump Up and Liquid. Since the mid 90’s Pish Posh has been a successful Dj holding down a residency with the world renown Konkrete Jungle night, as well as touring throughout the US performing in every major city and throughout Europe.



  • Real Name: Steve Gonzales
  • Location: Long Beach, CA
  • Affiliations: Get Hype | Viper Recordings | Digital Terror

Drawing up an impressive resume of high-profile label appearances, the Southern California native Replicant is making serious moves and nothing seams to be hodling him back. With releases on Get Hype, Viper Recordings and Digital Terror, 2020 looks to be a big year for the SoCal producer and he is must follow.

Sam Foxx


  • Real Name: Samuel Conlin
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Affiliations: Program

Samuel Conlin, known professionally as Sam Foxx, is an emerging Drum and Bass artist who goes beyond fast break-beats and submersing basslines. Sam Foxx’s arsenal is refined by perseverance and raw grit, and not only parallels the emotions of every day life but also moves fluidly through all boundaries and limitations.



  • Real Name: Ric
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Affiliations: Chronic Records | MAC 2 Recordings

Up and coming producer and Los Angeles transplant known as Zere has been making waves ever since his releases on Bryan Gee’s Chronic Label and Randall’s Mac 2 Recordings. Resident of the Los Angeles outfit Big Booty Bass, Zere is an artist that is sure to be topping charts throughout 2020.

As you can see the US DNB scene is healthy and these ten artists are just the tip of the Ice Berg of what is to come from America and it’s amazing talent. Over the next few months we will be showcasing 10 artists at a time in our “10 Stateside DNB Producers you need to know” series so make sure to follow United By Bass to keep up with all future articles.


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