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We have made it through another weekend of the pandemic and United By Bass is proud to help you start off the week with a brand new episode of the Burnsesh featuring UBB resident BurnCam.

After multiple hours of consecutive high energy music, and experiencing Burncam’s version of the Space Rave, it is time to return to Earth and cool down with an extended liquid drum and bass mix. Get ready to smoothen out to tunes by Phaction, Scott Allen, Kasper, Dave Owen, Silence Groove and more.

Now… Sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 8 of The Burnsesh.


1) Even Though (Original Mix) – Artificial Intelligence
2) 12 Hours (Original Mix) – The Vanguard Project
3) Smoke Streets (Original Mix) – Flame & Incident
4) Two Words (Original Mix) – Workforce
5) Ephemeral (Original Mix) – Hydro, War, Mateba
6) Zuluu (Original Mix) – Anthony Kasper
7) Dreaming of Darkness (Original Mix) – Scott Allen
8) Vapour (Original Mix) – Phaction
9) Blue Sky (Original Mix) – Silence Groove
10) Pharaoh (Original) – The Upbeats, Ivy Lab
11) Oxford Road – Whiney
12) Bluebird (Original Mix) – Makoto, Hugh Hardie
13) Still High – Kove
14) Apart Of You (Phaction Remix) – Alb, Phaction
15) No One Can Hear You Read (Original Mix) – Phase 2
16) All I Must Do (Original Mix) – SD
17) Everyday Emotions [Low Mix]  – Nymfo
18) Tempting feat. Nishe (Original Mix) – Emery, Mackadena, Dreazz, Nishe
19) Skyline (Original Mix) – Alibi, Command Strange
20) Beats so Loud [Jenna G] – North Base
21) Homeworld (Original Mix) – Enei, Charli Brix
22) Side Effects May Occur (Original Mix) – Anthony Kasper
23) Shadows Drop (Original Mix) – ARP-1
24) Drifting (Original Mix) – Alix Perez
25) Find Your Way (feat. Charlotte Haining) – Pola & Bryson
26) Encino Dreams Original Mix – Furney
27) Things You Do To Me Original Mix – Altered Perception & Imprint
28) Pure Original Mix – Soul Connection
29) The Partys Arrived(Original Mix) – Dave Owen,T.r.a.c. 
30) Connection (All Night Long) (Original Mix) – Silence Groove
31) 1000 Miles (Original Mix) – Zero T


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