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We have made it through another month of the pandemic and with the Covid-19 Vaccine being distributed across the world it looks like there is starting to be a light at the proverbial tunnel. With that said, it still looks like there is a long road ahead so United By Bass is here to help with a brand new episode of the Burnsesh featuring UBB resident BurnCam.

Here is the audio-only version of the Live 2 Hour Burnsesh Podcast that aired on our very own UBB Stream which takes place every Friday night on the United By Bass Twitch channel. This mix takes you on a journey through soulful, deep, tech, and dancefloor drum and bass, featuring sound from Silence Groove, Macca & Loz Contreras, DJ Marky, The Upbeats, Bachelors of Science and more!

Now… Sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 10 of The Burnsesh.


1) Capsule (Original Mix) – Creatures
2) Photon (Original Mix) – Data 3
3) Xylophone (Original Mix) – Askel, Humanature, Critical Event
4) Vertigo (Original Mix) – Ash:Ram
5) Aegean Blues(Original Mix) – Hydro,Total Science,War
6) Brothers (Original Mix) – Silence Groove, Skeletone
7) In The Mood (Original Mix) – Loz Contreras, Macca (DNB)
8) Higher Ground (Lenzman Remix) – Submorphics, T.r.a.c.
9) Silver Funk (Original Mix) – Drumcatcher
10) Stratos feat. Leo Wood (Original Mix) – Leo Wood, Phaction
11) Only Rich In Paradise (Original Mix) – Rowpieces
12) Let It Show (Leniz Remix) – Critical Event, Alexvnder, Leniz
13) Set It Off (feat. Flotation) (Original Mix) – Link, Simple Souls, Flotation
14) Lambo (Original Mix) – Need For Mirrors
15) Daktari (Original Mix) – Macca, DJ Marky, Loz Contreras
16) Carnival Blues (Original Mix) – Urbandawn
17) Never Surrender (Original Mix) – Skyweep
18) Only You – Signal
19) Intuition (Original Mix) – Quadrant, Iris, Ulterior Motive
20) Games (Original Mix) – Mat Zo
21) Basso Continuo (2020 Remaster) (Original Mix) – Neonlight
22) Manifest (Original Mix) – Barbarix, Volatile Cycle, Blockdodger
23) Holy Moly (Original Mix) – Document One
24) Playing In The Dark feat. The Vanguard Project (Original Mix) – Dynamite MC, Drs, The Vanguard Project
25) Cheeky Growler (Pola & Bryson Remix) – Silence Groove
26) So Near (Original Mix) – Pennygiles
27) Homeworld (Original Mix) – Enei, Charli Brix
28) Time Shift (Original Mix) – Mean Teeth
29) Brink (Feat. Lady Soul) (Original Mix) – Ed:It
30) Fading Fast – Keeno
31) Playing Tricks (feat. Jo Joonghyun) – Kubatko
32) Disillusion (Original Mix) – Gerra & Stone
33) Toys – Eastcolors
34) Molecular (Original Mix) – Data 3
35) Blue Moon (Original Mix) – Tantrum Desire
36) Kallisto (Original Mix) – Camo & Krooked, Mefjus
37) Mediums (Original Mix) – The Upbeats
38) KILO (Original Mix) – Dub Elements, Trilo
39) Creature Must Die (Original) – L Plus
40) Ride The Wave (Original Mix) – Bachelors Of Science, Eko Zu, MC Dre
41) Mad In The Jungle (Killer Hertz Remix) – Friction ft. Doktor
42) Human Desire (Original Mix) – Nu4m
43) Mirage (Original Mix) – Mefjus
44) Nunchucks (Original Mix) – Emery, Drum Origins, Dreazz
45) Space Journey (Original Mix) – Molecular
46) Nautilus (Original Mix) – QZB
47) Graphene (Original Mix) – D-Struct, Quadrant, Iris, Hybris

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