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DNB Sensation Harriet Jaxxon makes her San Diego debut at SD Union Day Dream

Greetings, DnB aficionados! On Saturday, September 23rd, San Diego will witness the debut performance of the extremely talented Harriet Jaxxon at SD Union Day Dream, the city’s largest Drum N Bass day party. Held at the Hole In The Wall, this intimate gathering promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Alongside Harriet Jaxxon, the legendary stateside artist Reid Speed and the mastermind behind the Locus music festival in Tulum, Mexico, Rit Locus, with an all-star cast of SoCal artists will all grace the stage. So mark your calendars, secure your pre-sale tickets, and prepare to be immersed in a rhythmic frenzy all powered by the iconic Bombshelta Sound System!

Harriet Jaxxon: A Rising Star in the DnB Scene

Hailing from the pulsating heart of the United Kingdom’s dance music scene, Harriet Jaxxon has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Drum N Bass. Her passion for music began at a young age, and it wasn’t long before she was crafting her own unique sound. With a deep-rooted love for the genre and an unparalleled drive, Harriet’s journey in the DnB scene began.

With her infectious energy and dynamic productions, Harriet caught the attention of numerous prominent record labels. She’s made her mark on esteemed imprints like RAM Records, Viper Recordings, and ProgRAM, all of which have solidified her position as a formidable artist in the industry. Her tracks have garnered massive support from fellow producers and have dominated dancefloors worldwide, propelling her to the forefront of the global DnB movement.

SD Union Day Dream: A Must-Attend Drum N Bass Experience

San Diego’s drum n bass community is buzzing with excitement for SD Union Day Dream which is a celebration of the ever-evolving Drum N Bass culture in San Diego. Known for its vibrant community and unwavering passion for bass-heavy sounds, the city has been a breeding ground for both established and up-and-coming DnB artists. The Hole In The Wall, with its intimate setting, offers the perfect environment for an immersive and unforgettable 360 degree experience.The limited capacity ensures an unparalleled atmosphere, where the beats reverberate through your soul, forging an unbreakable connection between the artists and the audience.

reid speed sd union day dream

Reid Speed: A Legendary Stateside Presence

Sharing the stage with Harriet Jaxxon is none other than the legendary Reid Speed. As a pioneering force in the US drum n bass scene, Reid Speed’s unparalleled skills and distinctive sound have solidified her position as a trailblazer. With a career spanning decades, Reid’s influence on the genre has been monumental, and witnessing her perform is a treat for any true drum n bass aficionado.

Rit Locus: From Tulum to San Diego

Adding an international touch to the event is Rit Locus, the visionary behind the Locus music festival in Tulum, Mexico. Known for curating experiences that transcend the ordinary, Rit Locus is set to transport the audience on a musical journey like no other. His unique style and global following make him the perfect addition to this extraordinary lineup.

SD Union Day Dream w/ Harriet Jaxxon & reid Speed artwork

Prepare for a Mind-Blowing Experience

For those eager to be a part of this unforgettable gathering, securing pre-sale tickets is highly recommended. With the venue’s limited capacity, tickets are expected to sell out quickly, and arriving early ensures you don’t miss a beat of the action. To purchase tickets for SD Union Day Dream and secure your spot in this epic event, click here

Art and Culture Collide

Beyond the exceptional music, SD Union Day Dream offers more treats for attendees. Be sure to check out the art and clothing vendors present at the event, including Uncommon Being, offering unique and eye-catching pieces that celebrate the drum n bass culture. Additionally, “El Flaco” will be serving up his famous Flaco Burgers, a must-try culinary delight.

In Conclusion: San Diego, get ready to immerse yourself in an unparalleled drum n bass experience like never before. Harriet Jaxxon’s debut performance alongside the esteemed Reid Speed and Rit Locus at SD Union Day Dream promises to be a day filled with soulful beats, electric energy, and unforgettable moments. Secure your pre-sale tickets now, mark your calendars, and prepare to be blown away by the heart-pounding sounds of drum n bass. Let Bombshelta Sound System be your guide as you embark on a musical journey that will leave you craving for more. San Diego DNB lovers, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

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