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Los Angeles based musicians Dr Apollo and dela Moon (Formerly Dela Moontribe) have teamed up and what has come out is the pure halftime magic we all didn’t know we needed right now.

Their two track Suntherapy/Moontherapy EP has been steadily climbing the Beatport Halftime chart since it’s release and is being backed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Both tracks have hard hitting basslines backed my amazing synth work that fills the extra space between perfectly crafted drums. These halftime tunes are perfect for any set and should definitely be a part of all DNB DJ’s repertoire.

Dr Apollo

Dr Apollo

In January of 2019, the Dr. Apollo project took a life of its own after his first release (Red with Dip Vertigo) on the legendary Hospital Records on their annual Sick Music compilation. He then started collaborating with another DnB icon Reid Speed on tracks like Electrotherapy feat. Evil Dom and Gaia as well as his debut EP Antivirus on Play Me Records. This led to Billie Eilish giving him and Dip Vertigo the official DnB remix of her #1 hit single Bad Guy which released on Bassrush.

dela Moon

musician dela moon

dela Moon (formerly dela Moontribe) is a resident and organizer of the Moontribe Collective, whose legendary full moon gatherings have long been at the core of Southern Californias underground electronic music scene. Though renowned today for her fiery dnb/halftime sets, she has also been long been recognized for her deep, funky, and psychedelic downtempo sets. More recently, she has expanded her range into Berlin-inspired techno. Drawing these progressive influences into each environment she faces, her sets are infused with energy and raw emotion that surpasses the thresholds of any single genre.


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