It was just over one year ago when the International version of Bellyman’s Car Barz brand dropped featuring 8 of North America’s top Drum N Bass MC’s. Receiving praise from around the world, The USA Car Barz featuring Armanni Reign, Astro, Dre, Josiah Scribes, T.R.A.C., Valiant Emcee, Woes, and Zezo One has been viewed over 100K times and is continued to be shared across all social platforms.

While reading through the comments and shared posts we were stunned to see so many people saying how they “Didn’t even know there were Drum N Bass MC’s in the USA”. Not only did some not know of the existence of DNB MC’s in the states but they took it one step further asking if there was even DNB in North America let alone a scene? The simple answer to the questions is Yes, there are tons of DNB MCs in North America and a Drum N Bass scene that goes back decades in different cities from coast to coast. From New York to Tampa, San Francisco to LA, you can find massive Drum N Bass events featuring top notch talent from across the world hosted by locally produced DNB MCs.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us introduce you to Semper Fye. What started as 8 MCs from all four corners of the US coming together to drop a verse on Bellyman’s “Car Barz” International Edition has expanded to 13 members with as much as 20 plus years of experience. Equipped with a variety of backgrounds and styles, the goal is to help push a movement more than just be a group. They come with the hope of being an ever expanding unit dedicated to showcasing the under-represented voices of US DNB. It’s in this mantra where hunger and love for the music outweighs any resumes.

With Car Barz already under their belt and their debut release with 6Blocc dropping this past Friday (Fired Up!) Semper Fye intends to stand out and not just be a feature, but a contributing factor in the US DnB community is becoming a reality.


Feat: MC Woes Armanni Reign, MC Dre, T.R.A.C.
Produced by: 6Blocc (Official fan page)
Mixed/Mastered by: Robert EQ Diaz
Available on the Semper Fye Spotify, iTunes & and anywhere music is streaming or sold.




Armanni Reign

From The Lunchroom Tables To Street Corner Cyphas, Battle Rapping On The Radio To Hosting Some Of The Biggest Festivals In The World… The MC Armanni Reign Is One Of The Most Versatile MC’s On The Planet. He Started Winning As A Battler In Smaller Competitions And Eventually Worked His Way On To Radio Spots But, After Spending Three Continuous Months As Philly 103.9FM’s ‘Cypha’ Champion But The Battle Circuit Not Being The Flourishing Sport It Is Today, Armanni Decided He Needed A Change. In The Year 2000, He Found That In Drum And Bass. By 2003, MC Armanni Reign Had Made Quite A Name For Himself In Drum And Bass Hosting And Performing With Everyone From Kenny Ken To DJ Craze And Was Even Nominated That Year For “Best Breakthrough MC” At The Knowledge Drum And Bass Awards.


Astro MC

Astro had a humble start, freestyling on the mic alongside Dallas veteran DJ Phooka at the legendary Battletech drum and bass weekly. Since then, he has graced the stage with just about every major drum and bass artist he has crossed paths with, in Dallas, Austin, Miami, and San Francisco. MC Astro’s first major project was with the Dallas based production and promotion company D.A.P. – the Dirty Alien Project, where he learned the basics of studio and stage performances. Though his musical roots are drum and bass, MC Astro is no stranger to crossing boundaries and genres. He has appeared on several releases in the House world, including a feature on Fat Boy Slim’s world renowned Southern Fried Records, alongside fellow Texans Granite & Phunk.


MC Dre

Award winning, Los Angeles based MC DRE has been killing dance floors across the globe for over two decades now. With his signature rhymes to his crowd engaging say and repeat flows, this legend has left a mark on not only the Southern California scene but the world wide scene as well. Currently the resident MC at Respect Thursday’s in LA, Dre is constantly on the move performing at gigs across the US all while still grinding in the studio every chance he gets.


Elijah Devine

Elijah Divine is the definition of versatility when handling microphones is concerned. He has earned his reputation for complex and multi faceted lyricism in his home state of Massachusetts, abd has been doing shows from Maine to Hawaii for well over a decade.

Whether he’s headlining drum and bass shows with his Amen Ra Trifecta crew, or making independent hip hop with his Sewaside crew, Elijah’s delivery never disappoints. Also representing for New England Junglists, Yeska BTZ, Made, and 4orce, there is a reason his talents are in high demand.



A Jungle/Drum and Bass MC based in Los Angeles, CA. JB first picked up the mic at age 11 where she performed in numerous talent show events. At age 12, she was introduced to Jungle/DNB when she first heard DJ Craze’s United DJ’s of America Volume 16.  Since then, JB has performed alongside Optiv, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Lenzman, Taxman, DJ Rap, Empress, Reid Speed, Scooba, Machete, R.A.W., APX1, CRS? and numerous local DJ’s in Southern California.


Josiah Scribes

Josiah has been involved in Drum and Bass culture for 24 years. He’s spent most of that time performing in live sets, much of it recording vocals over production, and some of it producing
music himself.
He is currently a member of the mighty BP2 squadron in New York City, and he is signed as an artist to the Minneapolis based label Seminal Sounds. Peace be upon you.


MC Ridda

Founder of San Diego’s largest DNB event SD Union, Tyler Rosier AKA MC Ridda has been a factor in the San Diego Drum N Bassscene for over two decades now.
With his versatile style of Hip-Hop, Reggae, double time, and traditional singing, Ridda has earned himself a residency with Timeless(LA) and a reputation for being the most energetic hype man in San Diego.


Sofi Mari

She will sing it, rhyme it, speak it; Sofi Mari is an artist who has been professionally performing since about 2003 & has been involved in the drum & Bass/Jungle scene since 2008. Born in the UK & raised in Miami, FL, this vocalist & lyricist originally utilised the moniker ‘Sopheye’ before moving to London & evolving into the more mature, & experienced, performer now known as ‘Sofi Mari’. Over the years she has hosted many topline d&b DJ sets including the likes of: Goldie, Storm, Bailey, Jumping Jack Frost, Utah Jazz, B-Traits, Source Direct, Digital, Flight, Marky + many more! 


MC Tell

Longtime resident MC of Stamina Sundays, a world renowned USDNB club night, San Francisco’s own Emcee Tell comes to you with an infusion of styles that connect hype work, potent bars, and intellectual lyricism. His skills on the mic has given him the opportunity to share the stage with some of the most prolific names in the genre. With releases on Close2Death, Soul Deep Recordings, and Format Music DNB, Tell has certainly showcased his lyrical versatility and microphone prowess.



Another of statesides beloved MC’s T.R.A.C.continues to raise the bar and make strides across the globe. the talented vocalist/lyricist has has found a unique balance between his most loved genres Hip Hop and Drum and Bass. From his 2011 debut release on BBE with Marc Mac (“The Network”) to his critically acclaimed album on V recordings (“Life in Motion”) what we are all witnessing is something very special in our time.
T.R.A.C. is now part of Semperfye and here to help spread our message.


Valiant MC

American-born, Toronto-based Valiant Emcee has been narrating drum-n-bass music for over two decades. A flag waver for deep and futurist beats since the beginning, he cut his teeth on Buffalo’s long running Underground FM, before serving residencies at Buffalo’s seminal weeklies, The Return, and Factory at the storied OPM Lounge. After hosting sets across North America for a who’s who of drum-n-bass and breakbeat culture, including Goldie, Roc Raida, Photek, Craze, Dieselboy, Dara, Blame, Paradox, and Kenny Ken, among others, he stepped back from music and moved cross country. When he eventually came back to DnB, he did it with a bang, immediately landing sets with Ed Rush and Optical, A-Sides, SS, Bassline Smith, Makoto, Mob Tactics, and more. He established the renowned podcast, The Vocal, which was played on the legendary Kool London, and became one of the hosts for the longest running DnB radio show in North America, The Prophecy FM in Toronto. Valiant has been releasing music on Toronto’s Dutty Bass Audio and Fokuz Recordings, and he started a series of atmospheric/liquid mixes with Hospital Records ace Polaris. He’s also begun a live streamed talk show with Armanni Reign and TRAC that’s already welcomed guests such as AK1200 and Goldie. Going forward, he will be continuing his fruitful musical partnership with Toronto producer Cyber Posix and his Semper Fye colleagues, and he’s got a basketful of music in the works. Find him on Instagram: @valiantemcee and on his website: valiantemcee.com


MC Woes

Woes, native to the Southern California, began hitting open mics and M.C. battles with his inventive freestyle over two decades ago.
In 2006 Woes would release his first solo album entitled Verbal Building. He would call upon the artists that had inspired him at Koncrete Jungle to achieve this release. The album was produced by hometown friend Maintain with co-production and scratches by 6Blocc. (then known as R.A.W.)
The chemistry that was formed between Woes & 6blocc during the creation of Verbal Building was immediate. 6blocc began DJ’ing all of Woes’ Hip Hop sets and in return Woes would come out and M.C. at 6blocc’s Jungle, Drum & Bass and Dubstep shows.


Musician Zezo One

Over the years, Zezo has had the opportunity to play alongside the worlds top DJs and MCs, at some of the biggest and baddest DnB events in America including Stamina (SF), Konkrete Jungle (NYC), Direct Drive (NYC), I ❤️ Drum-n-Bass (NYC), Testpress (NYC), Electric Daisy Carnival (LA), Together As One (LA), Respect (LA), I LOVE LA, DnB Tuesdays (Seattle), and US legs of Formation Records’ The World of Drum & Bass tour in LA, SF, and Miami.Recently, Zezo was interviewed and featured in the independent documentary “The American Jungle” and last summer, together with fellow Semper Fye MCs Dre, Armanni, T.R.A.C., Woes, Josiah Scribes, Astro, & Valiant , Zezo was featured in the US version of Bellyman’s “Car Barz” International series. So far this year, Zezo has forthcoming Semper Fye collective releases with the Burner Bros. and AK1200.


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