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New Release! Susio & Joe Pea - Should've Worn Pants

Susio & Joe Pea

DJ/Producers Susio & Joe Pea are a perfect match made in house heaven and we’re here to tell you that these two are the future in the San Diego electronic dance music scene! 
United By Bass resident Joe Pea has joined forces with San Diego badman Susio and what they have created is absolutely banging!  Know for being two of the best DJ’s in San Diego, Susio & Joe Pea have earned their reputations through hard work and dedication to the music that they love.
“Should’ve Worn Pants” is the first of three tracks to drop from these two and it is nothing short of amazing!  This Tech-House banger will get your head bobbing and will make any dance floor lose it’s self when this is dropped!  DOWNLOAD HERE TODAY!


Susio smiling behind DJ booth

Bringing heat to the dance floors with fat groovy baselines, vibey energy and a passion for techno, SUSIO aka Chris Granillo is surely making moves in the scene in his native San Diego, CA.
This rising techno talent began his journey in high school when he was introduced to his first Digital Audio Workstation. Sparking Chris’ interest, this was merely just touching the surface for the passion that was about to ignite. (Read More)

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Joe Pea

Joe Pea Djing music

Joe Pea is a professional electronic music DJ and producer who is increasingly sharing his passion and talent for music across the world. 
Joe’s passion for electronic music has spanned over 18 years and his dedication to the craft has taken him all over North America to events, festivals & gatherings such as WMC, Burning Man, Lightning in A Bottle, Desert Hearts & Oregon Eclipse Festival, just to name a few. 

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