When you think of San Diego DJ’S, few names have the earned respect of the entire community quite like SD Union resident Rebellion has. Undoubtedly he is one of the most versatile DJ’s in the city and his attention to detail while crafting a mix is borderline OCD but that is why we love him so much.
With his recent performance at SD Union, we wanted to catch up with the San Diego OG to see what 5 Bass Music Tunes are at the top of his playlist right now. Just like his recent performance, he did not disappoint. Check out his list and make sure to Follow/Subscribe to Rebellion on all social media sites.


Dolenz ft. Elsa Hewitt & Saska Horton: Seed Mantra (Exit Recs) Lingua Franca LP

Dolenz has risen up thru my list of upcoming artists fairly quickly. On this LP Dolenz flexes a few different bpm ranges and vibes throughout it.


Levrige: Grey Matter (Aufect Recs) Iced Up EP

I first came across Levrige when I heard Hospital Recs, “Future Sound of Canada” compilation. This is my favorite tune off of their latest release. It’s the most forward thinking tune on there and I love how they tickle in the amen break very nicely throughout.


RL Grime: Take It Away [Instrumental](We Did It Recs)Nova Pure LP

I love RL Grimes music very much…And sometimes, not so much the rappers who lace his tracks (I’m sorry). This instrumental release was much anticipated!


Posij ft. Former: Half Monk (Division Recs) Cocoon EP

This tune is a total head snapper for the A.D.D. bass music heads.


SOPHIE: Is It Cold In The Water? [Flume x Eprom Rmx] (Flume Recs) Hi, This Is Flume LP

They absolutely crushed it on this remix! The original by SOPHIE is a heavyweight single on it’s own. So take the time to compare the two on your own.

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