A Quick Chat With Sirus Hood (Interview)

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Paris, France based producer Sirus Hood has steadily gained international momentum since he first came bursting onto the scene. With releases on Dirtybird, CUFF, and the support of some of the biggest House acts such as Amine Edge & DANCE (CUFF), Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin (Dirtybird), Sirus Hoods music emits an infectious energy of enjoyment on the dance floor.
I spoke with Sirus Hood ahead of his San Diego performance this Friday to talk about his recent release, who he would like to collab with and more. Check out the interview and make sure to grab your pre-sale tickets today!

Musician Sirus Hood

You’re kicking off your U.S. summer tour here in San Diego! For those who haven’t seen a Sirus Hood show yet, what can we expect?

“It’s not gonna be a show. Actually, it’s gonna be the opposite, it’s highly recommended to go in the middle of the dancefloor, close your eyes and enjoy the journey. You can expect unexpected sounds, discover new music, and this is where I put all my efforts, creating, editing and finding this unknown music that will blow your mind.”

You had a busy month in May! Any moments, in particular, stand out for you?

“In May my 2 best moments were in 2 opposite places in the world. The first a very little venue in Gold Coast, Australia called Elsewhere. The second a huge festival in Curitiba, Brazil called ZOOminimal. The first was a few hundred people and the second more than 10k people and both gave me goosebumps because of the crowd being totally into the vibe. When most of the people are just into it, dance hard, they even forget to take a video with their cell phone, they are not a spectator of the show, they are part of it.”

Musician Sirus Hood performing

Congratulations on your latest EP, Out of Order on Sola. Did you have any particular inspiration for those tracks?

“Thank you, I wanted to make different tracks than what we can find on Beatport. I always try to sound unique, try new techniques in the studio, new grooves. While I was doing this track, I had a little break, opened an Instagram story from Kevin Knapp saying about a lake: it’s Out Of Order… I sampled it and sent the final track to him. He loved it. I received a lot of support from artists like Jamie Jones and then from the crowds. The B side Brotha is more a personal track, it’s actually my fav track of the EP. It reminds me of the rhymes of my childhood.”

Musician Sirus Hood

f you could collab with any artist, living or not, who would it be?

“For the living artist, I would say Daft Punk. Not living: Michael Jackson.”

I want to thank Sirus Hood for taking the time to answer our questions. Catch him this Friday, June 21st at UBB Presents as he touches down alongside local DJ’s Evlo, Oren and Stedicam. Make sure to Follow Sirus Hood on all of his socials so you can keep up with everything this busy man is up to!

Emily Widuch

Emily Widuch

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