Detroiter who’s currently in Europe and truly one of our favorite US DNB Producers Submorphics will release his debut album Kodak Dreams on The North Quarter on March 20.
Written over the course of 18 months and across two continents, as he relocated from the US to The Netherlands, Kodak Dreams is inspired by long-lost family photos, a deep love of hip-hop and a life spent on the move.
It features the voices of long-time collaborators Christina Tamayo, T.R.A.C and SelfSays plus the powerful neo-soul dulcets of Frankie Knuckles collaborator Big Brooklyn Red. Frequently spotted in the house realm and new to drum & bass, Big Brooklyn Red takes the lead on this deliciously dope and synth-laced soulful single Daydreaming.
More will follow throughout March. If you’re already familiar
with Submorphics’ timeless soulful vibe from the last 15 years of
releases on the likes of Good Looking, SGN, Liquid V and, most recently,
Lenzman’s evergreen stable, you’ll know this is going to be a strong
one. If not, you’re in for a treat.


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