Ticket Fairy Affiliate Program

Earn Cash Back & Free Tickets To SD Union

After years of using Eventbrite as our ticket provider, we made the switch earlier this year to The Ticket Fairy for a multitude of reasons. One of the reasons which we found to be important to our organization is their amazing referral program and its ability to help our dedicated attendees earn cash back on the ticket they purchase.

If you convince all your friends to go to an event, shouldn’t the promoter give you a discount? Well, we think they should and so does The Ticket Fairy. When people buy tickets through The Ticket Fairy, they get a personalized referral URL they can easily share via Facebook message or post, WhatsApp, Twitter, or however they want. When others buy through the referral link, the original person gets cash paid back directly to their credit card. There are no codes or sign-ups necessary to take advantage of this program which is another reason we appreciate The Ticket Fairy referral program.

Below you can see the reward tiers that we’re currently using for all our events here at United By Bass. We highly encourage all of our attendees to take advantage of this program because we know how tight funds can be in these times so everything helps. 

The Ticket Fairy Referral Program Reward Tiers

Ticket Fairy Affiliate Program

As you can see there are 3 reward tiers to the Referral Program at The Ticket Fairy. When an affiliate link is used to purchase 3 tickets the original purchaser will receive 10% of the purchase amount back to their credit card, 40% when 6 tickets are purchased and a full refund when 10 tickets are purchased using the link. 

We’re proud to partner with The Ticket Fairy and hope all of our attendees take advantage of this program going forward. Speaking of, make sure to share your affiliate link with your friends for our last Day Dream event of 2023. We’re ending the year at SD Union Day Dream with a stacked lineup that features the debut San Diego performance by Harriet Jaxxon with support by the legendary Reid Speed and so much more! Tickets can be purchased below and we hope to see all of our family on the dance floor on September 23rd.

SD Union Day Dream w/ Harriet Jaxxon & reid Speed artwork

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