On January 7th, Timeless Los Angeles will be celebrating it’s 15 year anniversary with a special lineup featuring Hospital Records artist Degs with supporting talent Dip Vertigo b2b Scott Allen, Jen Symmetry, 2B Happy The Jay with MC’s J-tec, Ridda, Slim and Chemistry MC. The anniversary event will take place at the Offbeat Bar in Los Angeles and is sure to be a truly memorable night. Tickets are going quick so we highly suggest securing your spot on the dance floor today.
Just ahead of the 15 year anniversary, United By Bass had the opportunity to catch up with Jeremy Eichberg aka Dip Vertigo, the man behind the Los Angeles-based Drum N Bass outfit to chat about all things Timeless. Check out the full conversation below to learn more about Timeless and get ready for an amazing celebration.

"Timeless was born out of the next generation of the illustrious, legendary, History making, Grapevinez crew, led by the general, MCMC."
Jeremy Eichberg - Dip Vertigo

What is it like to be celebrating 15 years of Timeless?

“It is truly an unbelievable feeling to reach a milestone like this. It doesn’t happen without an immense amount of support from our loyal following new and old, but we’ve always maintained the same attitude which is, if you continue to come out and support us, we will continue to throw events. That support hasn’t waned, so we’ve continued this journey. There’s been many ups and downs, and moments in the past where PJ and I wanted to throw in the towel, but one of us always gets the itch and picks the other up. I think for both of us, seeing the smiles on people’s faces at our events makes it all worth it. It’s never been about the money. We do it for the love!

Crowd dancing and cheering at Timeless Los Angeles

How did Timeless start and where do you see it going?

“Timeless was born out of the next generation of the illustrious, legendary, History making, Grapevinez crew, led by the general, MCMC. We were all artists and promoters for the powerhouse promotion company helping to throw some of the biggest DNB events in all of America. As MCMC moved towards retirement, and simply couldn’t put in what he had before, the OG co-founder of Timeless, Solomon Baldeo aka Neuropunk and I had always talked about curating our own lineups together and throwing a show. In 2007 we got our opportunity and threw the 2 nd to last Grapevinez event ever, called Rize, and it was a complete success. The fulfillment from that event lit a fire in us, and we knew we had to start our own thing. Thus, Timeless was born and the “Each One, Teach One” motto of Grapevinez continued. The two of us would go on as partners keeping Timeless a monthly for 10 straight years at multiple venues while also throwing our massive LA Beatdown events at The Music Box in Hollywood. 2013 saw PJ Yates, Mr. 8:40 himself come in at just the right time. Solo and I didn’t know if we wanted to do it anymore, but he lit that spark again which led to our insane run at The Medusa Lounge. Now, in 2022, we have two new event brands: Our park party, Rays & Vibes, and our day party, Rise n Shine, which have continued to fuel us and give us the momentum we need to bring a headliner like Degs and throw a proper Timeless. It’s taken us a while to find a bar that would be a fit for Timeless and with the
success of Rise n Shine, we’re being given an opportunity to really pack the place in and show what we can do. We love our new home, The Offbeat, and see ourselves continuing to do big things there on the regular but know that it can only hold us for so long. So, the search continues for an even bigger venue to take Timeless, in the words of MCMC, “up another level!”

What have been some of the most memorable Timeless moments

“In our first year in 2008 Twisted Individual played for us at the original home of Timeless, The Little Rock. At the time this was by far our biggest show ever and just about everyone from our SoCal scene was there. This night put Timeless on the map.
Bailey at the Medusa Lounge in 2013 was an absolutely insane night and the place was filled to the rim. The Medusa Lounge allowed us the opportunity to have two areas of sound, and both areas were going off. I remember getting off the decks from my bday set amazed at how full the place was and feeling so much gratitude.
AK1200 & R.A.W at The Complex for our 11-year anniversary was off the hook too and rammed. All the Timeless residents did a wicked set together that I don’t think any of us will ever forget.
A couple other moments that standout, Migat’s debut dnb set at The Little Rock. He had 75 + people for an opening set and I swear you would have thought Andy C was playing. The crowd was going nuts.
Our very first Timeless ever, January 12 th 2008 with Scooba headlining, a 2X4 from myself and Circuit, and a 2X4 from Sound Control with JTec and Ridda, started it all. The rest is history!”

Crowd dancing and cheering at Timeless Los Angeles

Thank you to my partner PJ and his right handman, Brett (DJ Wonderbread), for being the best sound men out there and providing the booming 8:40 Productions sound at all our events over the last decade. Timeless would have ended a long time ago if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you to all our Timeless residents, past and present, for the amazing sets you played and hosted, and everything else you have contributed during your time with Timeless. Thank you to every DJ and MC that has graced our Timeless stages over one and a half decades. Thank you to MCMC for being our guide and inspiration. We learned it all from you! Finally, and most importantly, thank you to everyone who has supported us over these 15 years. It takes a village to make it to 15 and we appreciate you all so much!



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