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Greetings, fellow bass music enthusiasts! Charlie Rebel here. With the world still on lockdown, I wanted to catch up with the Los Angeles Don and Stateside legend in our bass scene, 6BLOCC (aka R.A.W.) on which 5 Tunes are currently at the top of his music rotation for the month of April. What he gave us is a list full of amazing music which we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy so check it out and make sure to follow 6Blocc if you have not done so already.

If you’re just getting to know this badmon, his biography is below (taken from his FB artist page), so you can familiarize yourself with his roots in Hip-Hop turntablism, Jungle music, Dubstep, and beyond.

1) Chopstick Dubplate - Chopstick Dubplate (Toast Remix)

Love this one for the DJ-friendly dancehall intro that goes into one of my all time favorite minimal bass drops. Never gets old.

2) DJ Trace - Apocalypse (Tempo Records)

This one is out on vinyl and when I first heard it I thought, “Damn this is just a fuckin’ loop!” But as I let it play out, it got better and better. And yes, it’s mostly just a simple DnB loop, but it’s a genius piece in simplicity. I’m into simplicity right now.
The less the better.

3) Farquaad - Brunswick 2000 EP (Vivid Recordings)

Simply put, this is what trying new techniques in Jungle programming
sounds like. It’s interesting to the ears and gave me hope in the future of quality intelligent Jungle music. Farquaad is a producer from Seattle too! Stateside junglism at its finest.

4) Technical Itch - Mutant Species (dub plate)

This is available at Tech Itch’s website as a dubplate and you can order for yourself. It’s a well thought out piece of darkside magic!

5) Hyped On Acid - Terminate (Meditator)

Out now on vinyl, this one takes it back to 1994 with a vibe I haven’t heard recreated recently quite like this. It’s a must-have if you like that good good good vibration coming out your speakers!

We want to send a massive Thank you to 6Blocc for taking the time to put together this epic list of Music for our Top 5 series. We will be back with another exciting list of Music soon so make sure to keep eye on our social media pages.

R.A.W. aka 6blocc Logo

6Blocc got his start back in the late 1980’s mixing Hip-Hop and Electro in his home town of Los Angeles and playing on the legendary KDAY radio station. During this time, he was constantly performing in DJ battles all over LA and working as a stage DJ for rappers like the legendary Kurtis Blow and Mix Master Spade. This time in the early Hip-Hop scene gave him the skills he’s now known for throughout the world.

By 1992, he began to buy electronic import records (Techno & Jungle) and played under the alias, “R.A.W. (rules all warehouses).” Every weekend he was booked dropping Jungle and Hardcore which took the LA underground community by storm. He then went on to share the stage with every big name from different fields of electronic music, even opening for David Byrne and band Soul Coughing at The Mayan in Los Angeles. From 1997 to 2005 R.A.W. managed to drop over 100 vinyl releases on labels such as Warner Bros., N20, Mictlan, Sound Sphere, Thermal, Amen Factory and Dj Sappo’s Babylon label. Reppin’ the harder side of jungle music he went on to do 4 tours of Europe, 3 tours in Canada, 6 tours in Mexico and even a tour in Japan!

In 2006, R.A.W. morphed into 6Blocc and the music went from 175 to 140 beats per minute but the bass stayed thick and heavy. Since then, 6Blocc has dropped over 14 vinyl releases and dozens of digital bangers on labels like RCA, Ultra, Lo Dubs, Phantom Hertz, Moonshine, Terminal Dusk, Sub Depth and his own remix label called, “6Dub”. Since then, he has gained thousands of fans around the world and has touched down in Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Austria, Israel, Mexico, Venezuela and every major city across the USA.

6Blocc is also busy around the clock knocking out sample packs for Loopmasters.com which have received acclaim from Keith Shocklee, Tom Middleton and used by Teddy Riley! His latest pack, “Trap vs Juke” is still in the top 5 in sales and his next release Robotix (vocoder fx and tools) is sure to be a hot release.

When 6Blocc isn’t wrecking the turntables on stage he’s in the studio cranking out the baddest Dubstep productions and remixes for artists like: DJ Muggs, Bassnectar, Diplo, Matty G, Bizzy B, Vibration Lab, Titan Sound, The Bassist, Dub FX, Don Goliath & Roommate. He also has worked alongside reggae artists: Ranking Joe, Alika, Asher D, Daddy Freddy, Steppa Style, Gappy Ranks, Lutan Fyah, Chuck Fender, Jigsy King, I Razor, Jr Cat and Lexxus.

Picture of Charlie Rebel

Charlie Rebel

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