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San Francisco based DJ/Producer Jamal is not only known for being the founder of one of Americas best Drum N’ Bass events Stamina, but is also known for cranking out amazing releases on some of the worlds biggest labels that includes Metalheadz, Dispatch and Commercial Suicide. With his latest collaboration with fellow US artist Adred receiving high praise from some of the genres biggest acts, Jamal has been staying busy throughout the great social-distancing of 2020 and is set to bring his Stamina series to Mixcloud starting this Sunday.

With California and the rest of the world still in #StayHome quarantine we wanted to catch up with Jaml to see which five tunes are currently at the top of his playlist. What he came back with is absolute gold from start to finish so make sure to check out his list today and follow him at the links below.

1) Think Tonk - "What a Ting" (L-Side Remix)

This tune just has been in my playlist and probably won’t leave for a bit… sick vibe, love the vocal and L-Side smashed the remix with a serious dance floor vibe! Killer tune.

2) Quadrant & Iris - "Angular ft Kid Hops" (Philth Remix)

Certified dance floor banger! Quadrant & Iris’s new EP on Commercial Suicide is fantastic from the first tune in, but this remix by Philth is, well pure filth!!

3) Unglued - "Datafile"

Unglued has been an artist that stays in rotation in my sets and this tune will be no exception. What feels like a classic moody jungle tune reminiscent of the past that morphs into a big nasty stepper with a filthy bass-line… reeeeeeload!!

4) Adred & Jamal - "Autofacs"

I know it’s probably a bit of no no to feature one of your own tunes in a top 5 list, but it really has been one of my favorite tunes and is a perfect tune to move between vibes. The vocal sample is instantly recognizable and it steps hard before lulling you into a euphoric state with some epic pads. Shouts to Adred!

5) Circuits - "Nervous System"

Circuits have been featured in a lot of my sets, but this one, ugh!… there’s just something about a minimal tune with a heavy weight bassline that gets me every time. Banger!

We want to send a massive Thank you to Jamal for taking the time to put together such an epic list of Music for our Top 5 series. We will be back with another exciting list of Music soon so make sure to keep eye on our social media pages.


Jamal delivers an undeniably infectious energy with each of his sets – a quality which has kept him in demand for years. Teeming with exclusive tunes and mixed with a level of finesse only achievable by a veteran, Jamal’s DJ sets never fail to send dance floors into a frenzy. This hard-earned reputation has seen him share the stage with drum & bass’ best.

With global label affiliations including Metalheadz (Goldie), Dispatch (Ant TC1), Commercial Suicide (Klute), Hospital, Formation (DJ SS), Code Recordings (Bachelors of Science) and Project 51 (Gridlok), and having started the infamous STAMINA SUNDAYS, JAMAL is a name synonymous with drum & bass with over a decade of experience in the game. This has made him a cornerstone of the global drum & bass movement.


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