With the Umbrella Weekend 2020 behind us and the world currently on lockdown, we wanted to see what Top 5 House Music Tunes are at the top of Afternoon Umbrella Friends main man Sprout’s playlist at the moment. What he gave us is a list full of amazing music by some of our favorite producers on earth! Check out his list and make sure to follow Sprout and The Afternoon Umbrella Friends to keep up with music and upcoming events.


Here are five tracks that I featured in my set at The “Afternoon Umbrella Friends’ flagship event, Umbrella Weekend 2020, also known as the last party on Earth! Thanks to the United by Bass fam for inviting me to participate, can’t wait to work with ya’ll more in the future. Enjoy the tunes!” – Sprout

1) Basti Grub - Darling feat Crase Johnson (Rich NxT Remix) [Hot Creations]

Rich NxT is killing it – he’s producing across a wide range of styles but this one’s got that funky upbeat deep tech vibe taken to another level.

2) Porky, Mitch Dodge - Big Dog (Original Mix) [Desert Hearts Records]

My favorite release on DH Records to date. Porky and Mitch really crushed it on this one. It feels great to support local producers during your set especially when the drop makes the dance floor go full stank face in unison.

3) Toman - Sauvignon (Original Mix) [PIV Records]

Sauvignon is a gorgeous minimal deep tech track on the dreamier side, with a progression bringing in additional elements at the right time, so that by the end you will undoubtedly be shakin your booty.

4) Bodywork - Tokyo Bicycle (Original Mix) [OKNF Collective]

If anybody finds anymore tracks like this please let me know – Bodywork seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet but this is legitimately one of my favorite tracks. The kick is 90% of it, and is perfectly embellished with funky percussion and vocal samples, with the exact amount of reverb needed to make you feel like you’re underwater.

5) Nautica (UK) - Union (Original Mix) [Whoyostro]

The drop of Union feels like two songs being played at the same time – the dissonance between the baseline and the lead synth that works surprisingly well, making for an uplifting vibe that also gets your head bobbin.


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