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United By Bass Recordings Is Here!

After almost 20 years of providing top-tier electronic music events in San Diego, California, we have decided to take our love for electronic music to the next level. As of February 4th, 2022, United By Bass will now have a new extension of our passion, United By Bass Recordings. Our focus is to discover and deliver innovative and inspiring music from all genres that encompass our industry.

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Often, the best music is music that inspires artists from all walks of life. Some of the best music to date is music that was made by an artist in a specific genre, but was discovered as a remix from a different artist in a different genre. Our vision with United By Bass Recordings is to release music that is remixed across multiple genres of electronic music. Each release will feature a song from one artist as the focal point, accompanied by three remixes of that song from three different artists in varying genres of electronic music.

We are inspired by all of the incredibly talented artists pushing the scene forward, and we are ecstatic to share music that moves us with you. Thank you for all that have supported us and continue to support us on our journey. We are all United By Bass.

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United By Bass Recordings First Release

Featuring the lead single ‘War Tapes’ by UK-based artist Ben Soundscape, United By Bass Recordings proudly releases The War Tapes EP to much anticipation and expectations. Featuring an intriguing blend of collaborative influences, the War Tapes EP is a highlight of what one original concept can sound like across four different mixes and genres.


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