Drum & Bass has always been a music genre that is predominantly dominated by the United Kingdom and Europe but times are definitely changing as artists based in the United States are becoming more prevalent than ever before. With US based artists releasing records on major labels, traveling and performing throughout the UK and EU, the US is no longer just thought as a touring stomping ground for international acts but a Nation with a growing fan base and a hungry new generation of talented producers.

Generally overlooked by promoters, party goers and the general public, the United States has quietly and quickly produced an excess of talented artists from coast to coast that the world definitely needs to know about.  In fact, there are so many amazing artists that deserve to be recognized, this is part two of our continued series and we will be back soon with another talented group of US DNB producers.

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Dave Owen


  • Real Name: David Owen
  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Affiliations: Metalheadz | Dispatch | ProgRam | Liquid V

Dave Owen is a name that is well known not only in the US but across the world and has a career that spans two decades. Over the past few years, Dave Owen has risen to become one of the most highly sought after drum-n-bass producers in the United States. His soulful sensibilities have caught the attention of the genre’s upper echelon including LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Grooverider, John B, and several others.

Dr Apollo


  • Real Name: David Hiller
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Affiliations: PlayMe Records | BassRush

In January of 2019, the Dr. Apollo project took a life of its own after his first release (Red with Dip Vertigo) on the legendary Hospital Records on their annual Sick Music compilation. He then started collaborating with another DnB icon Reid Speed on tracks like Electrotherapy feat. Evil Dom and Gaia as well as his debut EP Antivirus on Play Me Records. This led to Billie Eilish giving him and Dip Vertigo the official DnB remix of her #1 hit single Bad Guy which released on Bassrush.

Musician Jamal


  • Members: Jamal Abdo
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Affiliations: Commercial Suicide, Hospital, Project 51, Formation, Stamina Sundays

With global label affiliations including Metalheadz (Goldie), Dispatch (Ant TC1), Commercial Suicide (Klute), Hospital, Formation (DJ SS), Code Recordings (Bachelors of Science) and Project 51 (Gridlok), and having started the infamous STAMINA SUNDAYS, JAMAL is a name synonymous with drum & bass with over a decade of experience in the game. This has made him a cornerstone of the global drum & bass movement.

Kallan HK


  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Affiliations: Viper Recordings | Play Me Records | Ram Records

Based out of Los Angeles, California, DJ and Producer Kallan HK originally launched her career back in Atlanta, Georgia in late 2013 while performing at events such as World Of Drum and Bass, Kingdom Rave, and Imagine Festival. Her debut release on Viper Recordings alongside her single on ProgRam is what put her on the DNB map and she continues to push out quality releases while touring the US.

Legion & Logam

Legion & Logam

  • Real Name: Lee Griffin, Hunter Watson & Thomas Numprasong
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA | Denver, CO | Atlanta, GA
  • Affiliations: Ram Records | ProgRam

Few artists boast the creative scope of Lee Griffin, Hunter Watson, and Thomas Numprasong professionally known as ‘Legion & Logam’. From their humble debut in 2009 and having earned their stripes on RAM’s sister imprint, Program, to now releasing globally renowned anthems on most every competitive label in the industry, it is apparent the trio’s technicality often goes unrivaled. Owning a back catalogue ranging from precisely crafted techno rollers to the more recently acclaimed festival-grade vocal anthems merely exemplifies their lasting impression on the industry



  • Real Name: C. Cisneros
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Affiliations: Soul Deep Resordings | Peer Pressure Recordings

Los Angeles based Producer Magnafide is not a new comer at all but a seasoned veteran with an extensive Liquid DNB catalogue that is quite impressive. With releases on Soul Deep Recordings, Peer Pressure Recordings and other labels, Magnafide has built a dedicated following and continues to push forward thinking music.



  • Location: Cambridge, Mass
  • Affiliations: Omni Music | Elm Imprint | Hexagon Digital Recordings

Hailing from the Northeast United States, DJ/Producer Mizeyesis is name that is known from coast to coast due to her releases on Elm Imprint’s Halflife85 and Thazdope Records. She hosts a top notch bi-weekly show called ”The Aural Report” on Jungletrain.net that’s been running for 6 years all while being a  US Manager for DNB Girls, a 17 member all female collective of artists, DJ, and MC’s. Mizeyesis is definitely a artist to keep an ‘eye’ on (pun intended) going forward and I’m sure we will be hearing a whole lot from her soon.



  • Real Name: Kat Dudinsky
  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Affiliations: Audio Porn UK

Featured by the likes of Bassrush, UKF, World of Drum & Bass, MethLab, DNB Vault, and Drum & Bass Arena, Nvrsoft is quickly becoming one of drum and bass’s most beloved rising stars. Kat Dudinsky, known professionally through her production alias Nvrsoft, came up under the guise of Shimon, the label head of UK based Audio Porn Records has helped the Washington DC based DJ/producer quickly rise amongst her counterparts whilst delivering her cuts through Audioporn.

Quadrant & Iris


  • Real Names: Leigh Caplan & Karen Caplan
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Affiliations: Metalheadz | Hospital Rec | Dispatch

We know that technically Quadrant & Iris are two separate artists but since they’re married and release amazing music together we would give you a two for one here. The Seattle based DJ/Production duo have been writing quality Drum & Bass for nearly a decade and they show no signs of slowing down. Their first tune, Anthropocene, was spotted immediately by none other than Goldie himself, and snapped up for the Metalheadz Genesis EP Vol 4. Other releases on Total Science’s CIA imprint as well as Hospital Recordings, and Italian Label Avantgarde have helped secure their current status as respected artists on the worldwide Drum N Bass scene.

Scott Allen


  • Real Name: Scott Allen
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Affiliations: Soul Deep Recordings | Fokuz Recordings

Originally from Seattle, WA, current Los Angeles based DJ/Producer Scott Allen is a familiar name in the ranks of the US Drum N Bass scene. Not only is he an extremely talented producer with releases on Fokuz Recordings, he founded and runs Soul Deep Recordings which has quickly become one of America’s premier Labels for DNB. Scott Allen’s passion for the music is felt through his perfectly crafted tunes and his mixes are perfect to get you through the great social-distancing of 2020.

As you can see the US DNB scene is healthy and these ten artists are just the tip of the Ice Berg of what is to come from America and it’s amazing talent. Over the next few months we will be showcasing ten artists at a time in our “10 Stateside DNB Producers you need to know” series so make sure to follow United By Bass to keep up with all future articles.


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