Musician Collette Warren

With a voice sent from the angels above and a truly caring personality to match, long time friend of United By Bass Collette Warren is one of DNB’s brightest stars who shows no signs of slowing down. Featuring release’s with Calibre, DJ Marky, Skeptical, Philth, Random Movement, Ben Soundscape & more, she has firmly established her place in the world of Drum N Bass and her mark will be left in it’s history.

With the recent announcement of the full lineup for Collective: A SD Union Digital Experience, UBB editor Charlie Rebel decided to catch up with Collette ahead of her performance to see which 5 tunes are at the top of her playlist currently. Check out her amazing list today and make sure to tune on June 5-7th to catch her performance with Ben Soundscape.

Collette Warren

1) 100 - The Sauce Recordings

I just think this tune is soooo vibey, I LOVE it!! The Sauce are my fav at the moment and each tune they bring out just seems to be better and better! That bassline, ouch!!!! It just makes, me want to skank and my bass face to it is something else haha!

2) D*Minds - No Doubt - 31 Records

Love the old skool feeling to this track, 31 Records is absolutely smashing the releases at the moment and I used to be a massive fan of Distorted Minds and I feel like they are back with evengance!!! It just takes me back to my early raving days!

3) Unglued Featuring Cimone - Zen (Hospital Records)

Cimone’s sultry vocals kick this track off beautifully, she absolutely smashed it!! And then it drops into a sick jungle rhythm and you just wouldn’t expect it, and I like to be surprised 🙂 It just works so well together! Loving everything Unglued is making and also Cimone is a vocalist to look out for this year!!

4) Ben Soundscape & Garva Featuring Alexa Villa - A Good Life - Prestige Music

Bristol’s Ben Soundscape & United By Bass | SD Unions very own Garva have come together on this one with the beautiful sounds of Alexa Villa on vocals. This tune is liquid gold at its very best and soothes the soul perfectly.

5) Collette Warren, Philth & Farz - So Many Moments (Intrigue Music)

Shameless plug on this one I’m afraid haha! This track with my buddy Philth came out on the Intrigue 17 Part 1 compilation! Me & Philth have been working together for years now and released about 8 tracks together, so wanted to represent this one of course! So Many Moments is a liquid roller and I feel the vocal compliments it really well 🙂

Musician Collette Warren


In recent times Collette has been focusing on writing and recording new vocal material for many of the Drum & Bass scene’s leading producers including: Calibre, DJ Marky, Skeptical, Philth, Random Movement, Ben Soundscape, Quadrant & Iris, FD, Riya, Roygreen & Protone, Emperor, Break, The Insiders, L-Side, Utah Jazz, Mr. Joseph, Klute & Facing Jinx.
After a collective 18yrs of being a DnB fan and raver back in the UK, Collette Warren if firmly establishing herself as a serious artist in the worldwide circuit and living her dream. After the success of her debut EP, “Hidden Lines” on Innerground Records, she is already back in the studio and working on her next masterpiece. Expect to hear so much more from this rising star!



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