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Farm 2 Tables Mix Series: Garva Guest Mix

Cultivated beats from the fram straight to the tables, a Podcast from Chuy Fresno

For the last 3 years, California-based artist Chuy Fresno has been curating the ‘Farm 2 Tables’ mix series. With guest mixes from Doc Martin, Doys, Don’t Disco, Charles Rebellion, and so many more, the Farm 2 Tables’ mixes are a perfect combination of House and DNB but don’t take it from us, here is Chuy’s take on the series and the inspiration behind it. 

“I spent my days jammin’ to tunes on a farm and straight to the tables (1200’s/CDJs) after. From this lifestyle, my idea for a monthly podcast was born, Farm 2 Tables. I cultivated Farm 2 Tables to showcase the DJ’s/Producers & Friends that have inspired and influenced my journey in HOUSE MUSIC & Drum N Bass.”

Farm 2Tables micx series by Chuy Fresno

For the newest Drum N Bass edition, United By Bass co-founder Garva stepped up to the challenge and provided a proper guest mix the takes you on a journey throughout the sub-genres of Drum N Bass. The 60-minute mix features tunes by DC Breaks, S.P.Y, K Motionz, Dip Vertigo, Knowmans, Whiney, Inja, The Upbeats and so many more. 

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