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Susio - 'Catch My Wave' [Pre-Order/Pre-Save]

Susio Strikes a Sonic Masterpiece: Tech-House Meets DNB in Upcoming Release

San Diego-based artist Susio is set to send shockwaves across the EDM spectrum with an electrifying release on the United By Bass Recordings. Scheduled to drop on all digital outlets on Friday, November 17th, Susio’s upcoming release is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece.

At the heart of this release lies the lead Tech-House single by Susio. For those unfamiliar with Susio’s sound, get ready for a journey into the groovy depths of electronic music. Tech-House has been a driving force in the global dance music scene, known for its infectious beats and dancefloor-filling vibes. Susio, however, takes this genre to a whole new level.

Musician Susio, UBBR_007 Susio Dip Vertigo 'Catch My Wave' united by bass recordings

The lead single from Susio is a testament to his production prowess and his innate ability to craft tracks that not only make you move but also make you feel. The energy is infectious, the basslines are driving, and the melodies are undeniably catchy. It’s the kind of track that’s bound to become an instant favorite among DJs and clubbers alike. This is Tech-House at its finest, and Susio’s touch is pure magic.

But that’s not all. This release isn’t just about Susio’s remarkable Tech-House creation. It’s also about the fusion of genres, where electronic music’s diversity shines. Los Angeles-based artist Dip Vertigo adds an exclusive Drum & Bass (DNB) remix to the mix.

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Enter Dip Vertigo: Crafting an Exclusive DnB Remix

Dip Vertigo’s take on Susio’s track is nothing short of a sonic revelation. Drum & Bass is known for its frenetic energy and intricate rhythms, and Dip Vertigo harnesses these qualities to transform Susio’s Tech-House original into an electrifying DNB masterpiece. The remix is an auditory rollercoaster, filled with thunderous basslines, breakneck beats, and a relentless energy that’s impossible to resist.

What makes this release truly special is the seamless transition from Tech-House to DNB. It’s a testament to the fluidity of electronic music, where artists are breaking boundaries and embracing a multitude of influences. Susio’s original track and Dip Vertigo’s remix may inhabit different ends of the EDM spectrum, but they are united by their dedication to making people move and their commitment to crafting music that speaks to the soul.

United By Bass Recordings has once again demonstrated its knack for spotting talent and releasing groundbreaking music. They’ve brought together Susio, an artist who’s making waves in the industry, and Dip Vertigo, a seasoned DNB maestro, to create a release that showcases the incredible diversity within the electronic music world.

Dip Vertigo UBB Recordings Artist

The EDM community, prepare yourselves. On November 17th, Susio and Dip Vertigo’s release is set to drop, and it’s a game-changer. Whether you’re a fan of the Tech-House grooves that Susio delivers or you’re ready to be catapulted into the high-energy world of Drum & Bass by Dip Vertigo’s remix, this release is an absolute must-listen.

In a world where music constantly evolves and surprises, Susio and Dip Vertigo have shown us the power of artistic collaboration and the limitless possibilities that await within the electronic music universe. Mark your calendars and be prepared to embark on a musical journey like no other on November 17th when Susio’s Tech-House single and Dip Vertigo’s DNB remix hit the digital airwaves. This release is a bold reminder that in the world of electronic music, the boundaries are there to be pushed, and the results are nothing short of sensational.

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