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Rebellion is a name that is synonymous with Drum N Bass culture in Southern California and has an extensive history dating back over two decades. His perfectly crafted mixes are a thing of beauty and is track selection is second to none. Representing the United By Bass & SD Union families, Rebellion continues to push forward thinking music and his passion for the music and scene is truly special.
We recently got the chance to catch up with Rebellion to see what Liquid Drum N’ Bass tunes are at the top of his playlist right now. Check out his list and make sure to follow/subscribe to Rebellion at the links below.

1) Zeb Samuels: Hold On [Om Unit rmx]

All I’ve got to say about this one is the original holds its weight all on it’s own, for sure! But this remix takes it to that next level, and gives it that sonic touch that develops the tune on a much deeper and thicker substance level.

2) Mija ft. Gammer: Digressions

Mija is one of those artists who simply need to be followed. Love her music, regardless if not in the DnB realm. This is a great, melodic ride that gives you a sense of magic surrounding you as you dive into her lyrics and feel all of her emotions.

3) Bcee: Little Bird [Monrroe rmx]

Monrroe has been on my radar for the past year or so. This remix of an older Bcee tune is on point. Deep vibes and haunting melodies to go with the floaty feels.

4) Philth ft. Becca Jane Grey: Lost In A Moment (Rollers mix)

This particular version guides the listener to drift off into their own headspace. Warm melodies to take you to a faraway place.

5) Dexcell ft. LaMeduza: Freefall

Sexy…sultry…this is baby making Liquid Drum & Bass at it’s finest. LaMeduza has one of those voices that make you gravitate towards those loving vibes while getting you a bit hot & bothered.


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